Interior Design Trends to Consider When Buying Wholesale Home Décor Items

Shopping wholesale can be a fantastic way to save money when buying items for the home. If you’re planning on purchasing wholesale home décor items, you’ll want to keep the latest interior design trends in mind.

1. Black Accent Pieces

Accent pieces can help bring a room together. Whether you’re buying a mirror, a vase, or lamp, a piece that’s in a striking shade of black can give the space some depth. It pairs especially well with light neutral shades, which have long been popular in homes. Black also contrasts very nicely with white.

2. Mixing Textures

Textured fabrics are a wonderful way to add visual interest to an otherwise drab space. It’s becoming increasingly common to see spaces that mix and match a variety of textures. Look for throw pillows and blankets in fabrics like velvet, chenille, and satin. It can be especially interesting to layer pieces that have the same colour, but have distinct differences in texture.

3. Round Shapes

Many people want to create spaces that feel cozy and inviting. There’s a natural softness to round spaces, and because of that, many homeowners have turned towards pieces like round accent rugs. Round mirrors and rounded tables and chairs are also excellent options. If you’re looking at wholesale accent pieces, make sure you pay attention to the shape of these pieces.

4. Earth Tones

Many people are spending more time indoors. You can create a calming atmosphere by using natural earth tones throughout the space. Natural woods and shades like brown, green, and beige are all very popular. These kinds of pieces pair very well with modern, sculptural pieces.

5. Floral Accents

Another way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home’s interior is to add floral accent pieces. You can use floral motifs in a variety of ways. Wallpaper has come back into fashion, and floral patterns are especially popular. Floral window treatments and throw pillows can also breathe new life into a space. It’s also becoming very popular to place dried flowers in vases. To learn more, the Abbott Home Décor website may be able to provide additional insights.

6. Natural Greenery

While artwork can do a lot to enhance a space, many people are opting to decorate spaces with plants instead. If you like the look of plants, but don’t have a green thumb, you may want to consider investing in artificial plants. Many of these plants look like they could be real. You can even mix artificial plants with live plants to make these plants look more convincing.

The Benefits Of Contacting Local Employment Lawyers

When people contact an attorney, it is likely that they have exhausted available options. They are not sure of what their rights are, and when this pertains to work, they will need an employment lawyer. These are professionals that have specialized in employment laws for your particular location. They can assist you with understanding what your rights are and how you can defend yourself if you are facing discrimination. There are so many reasons to work with these attorneys that understand employment law. If you are interested in learning more, visit Levitt LLP. Here are the benefits of contacting a local attorney in your area that specializes in helping employees and employers in difficult situations.

What Do Employment Lawyers Do?

Employment attorneys are well-versed in the laws for your particular region. If they are local, they have likely helped other employees that are facing problematic situations at work. They can assist with third-party lawsuits, help you with union issues, and also assist with workers’ compensation claims. If there are multiple employees involved with the same issue, they can begin the employment class action lawsuit process that can help everyone involved. It is very common for issues regarding wages, or employee discrimination, to be at the forefront of the work that they do. They specialize in not only understanding employment law, but can also litigate for the clients that they have.

Why Most People Contact Them

There are several issues that will prompt people to contact these professionals. They may have been fired from their job. Other employees may be harassing them. Being suspended or demoted is another reason that you may want to take legal action. If you have healthcare as part of your employment package, if there are problems with that, you will want to resolve this as soon as possible. They can even assist people that are independent contractors or freelancers working with businesses that are not being fair. However, it is usually a discrimination or harassment lawsuit that they are helping people with. They can always help with contracts between you and your employer if that is also a problem.

Local employment lawyers are so valuable for employees. When you understand what your rights truly are, you can see that your issues can be resolved. Trying to solve problems on your own may not be the best course of action. With the information and experience of the trained employment attorney at your disposal, you will have the best chance of solving your problem. If you are currently dealing with a problem at work that you cannot fix, contact a local employment attorney today.

How Should Toronto Tires Be

The city of Toronto in Canada has very good roads, which is a very good thing when it comes to thinking about Toronto tires, because the road conditions on which the vehicles travel directly influence the life of the tyres and therefore the economy of the vehicle owners.

Weather influences Toronto tires

Despite the excellent condition of the roads in the city and across the country, the average year-round weather in Toronto forces you to take into account several aspects when purchasing tyres. Toronto is a cold city, where winter is often very cold and where snow is present, making road traffic difficult and creating constant risks for drivers.

These climatic factors of the city, make it necessary to take precautions when selecting the right tyres to minimize the risks that this type of weather entails, for this it is necessary to have knowledge of the characteristics and benefits of the different types and classes of tyres available on the market in Toronto.

Selecting the right tyre to use on your vehicle during severe winter weather can improve your driving and reduce costs of all kinds, including fuel economy and tyre life.

What should Toronto tires be like for harsh cold weather?

For those cold seasons with constant risk of snow, tyres are manufactured with higher percentages of natural rubber in their composition, so they have softer structures, this way the tyre’s contact surface adheres more efficiently to the road structure, providing a better grip to the vehicle and better control by the driver.

The efficiency of this type of tyre lies in the flexibility it provides even in temperatures below 7 celcius.

These tyres are ideal for driving on icy and snowy roads and on dry but very cold roads. They have grooves that dissipate snow, ice and water, allowing it to be quickly removed between the tyre and the road, This provides a unique guarantee of optimum conditions for safe braking and greater vehicle traction. They also have other grooves with greater depth to retain snow and evacuate water, so that it does not hinder the tyre’s adherence to the road, and eliminates the risk of slipping.

To achieve grip on snowy roads, the snow itself is more efficient, the tyre grooves are filled with snow and the snow adheres very easily to the snow on the road, these tyres are stronger than summer tyres, so they last longer and thus ensure greater cost-effectiveness.

Top 5 SEO Secrets Nobody Will Tell You

The internet has millions of users and websites. Getting top rankings on search results is not as easy as it sounds. Businesses are faced with several competitors on the internet. Fortunately, you can get at the top of search result pages through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It entails delivering search results to online users based on their searches. The most relevant pages linked to a search query ranks higher than others on the results pages. Here are search engine optimization secrets that nobody will tell you.

1. Blog Content Should be Unique

The secret to search engine optimization is creating unique and top-notch quality of blog content. You can compare the content on your website with that on your competitor’s site. It will give you ideas on areas to improve on in terms of blog content quality. Also, while creating content can be costly and time-consuming, it is wise to create new and exciting content often. Serve your readers with the best content on the internet so that you can improve your ranking.

2. Understand Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm regularly. They don’t announce such changes, making them a mystery. Changes of Google algorithm is among the biggest obstacles to SEO success. Understanding Google algorithm and remaining up-to-date with the changes is a secret that improves your search engines’ rankings.

3. Create Content for Backlinking

While some people might think that backlinking is not as effective as before, it is a secret that can take your search optimization to the next level. Links are essential if you want your website to be ranked in search engine results. However, ensure that you create content with an objective of attracting links from online marketers, influencers, and bloggers. Be purposeful when creating backlinks for your web content.

4. Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are contextually similar to the primary keywords. They are also synonymous with other keywords being used in the content. LSI keywords are necessary for your website ranking because they increase your probability of ranking the site twice since it acts as an alternative keyword.

5. Add Videos and Optimize Voice Search

Voice searches are increasing, which is why you need to adapt the concept for successful SEO. You increase your chances of ranking higher on Google when you present your content in video format. Don’t forget to incorporate images and text to your content. Also, diversify the types of videos you create and encourage viewers to reply and ask questions. It is also wise to add keywords at least four times in videos and make them audible and well-visible. More information can be found at, which provides additional resources.

How The Modern Indoor Navigation Apps Help in Wayfinding

Nowadays, you can use your mobile phone to get the directions to any location of your choice, thanks to the GPS technology. However, while your mobile phone can get you to the hospital, it cannot take you to the reception. With the introduction of the modern indoor navigation techniques, it is possible to find any room you want within a complex architectural structure. This technology has become instrumental when it comes to wayfinding in any architectural establishment.

Integrating GPS and Wi-Fi
For this technology to serve its purpose, it is critical to integrate it with various technologies to serve a specific purpose. For example, you might have to use an indoor maps that combines several aspects of the indoor positioning system with the goal to superimpose the outdoor and indoor environment for ease of navigation. Since GPS is not available indoors, a system that combines both GPS and Wi-Fi can work to your advantage. Today, it is quite easy to install an indoor WiFi positioning system (WPS), on every entrance to a building. For example, if you have done your shopping, finding your way to the cash register system is your priority is you have the gps for indoors. Your phone will help you to identify your current position and give you the directions to the cash register as well as the exit.
Indoor navigation app
When wandering around a huge complex such as a museum, you might not enjoy yourself if you are worried about losing your way. In a huge shopping mall, it is always important to know your way out in the case of an emergency. If you have an indoor navigation app on your mobile phone, you will relax since your phone will show you where the exits, entrances, and emergency exits are. While shopping, it is important to ensure that you update your app and take advantage of the available Wi-Fi if possible. Today, the blind can find the dinosaur in the museum, or guide the kids to the lion’s den at the zoo. With a vast array of mobile-friendly technologies, it is quite easy for a blind person to find a restaurant in a busy airport. The development of navigation techniques is a good idea that will transform how people with various challenges use the public spaces.Today, you can benefit from this technology if you are struggling to find your way to a specific store in a shopping mall. Consequently, you will save time and effort by using the mobile-friendly app to locate the areas that you want to go. The first thing that you need to do is to pinpoint your current location. From your current location, you can follow the arrows that show the directions to the store of your choice.

BlackVue DR3500-FHD Review

The Blackvue DR3500 Full HD Car Blackbox Dashcam features extended recording time. The dash cam was designed to facilitate a particularly high rate of compression. The resolution of the Blackbox is 1920×1080, and the framerate can reach up to 30 fps at Full HD.

Specs and features

The Blackbox is made with a 2 megapixel CMOS censor and a built-in microphone. Owners have the ability to switch between the different recording modes to suit their needs, including Motion Detection mode and Parking Mode.

The file format of the Blackbox is universal. It Blackbox supports MP4 video playback on a wide-enough variety of devices to suit multiple users with equal effectiveness. The angles of view are 120 degrees diagonal, 98 degrees horizontal, and 55 degrees vertical.

Additional features

The Blackbox has a 360-degree rotation cylinder, both increasing the convenience of the dash cam while giving the Blackbox a sleek and aesthetically appealing design. All data on the Blackbox can be stored on a microSDTM card with up to three different storage capacities: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The product’s software is Blackvue Viewer software, compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Blackbox also has a built-in G-sensor and Super Capacitor backup battery. The input voltage of the battery is DC 12V – 24V, and the power consumption is about 2.4W at maximum. The Blackbox is capable of operating within a temperature range that spans between -20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.


One customer testified that they found the most suitable micro SD capacity for the dash cam is 32GB for hardwiring. The customer reported that they had been able to have good experiences with Lexar, ADATA, and OEM Blackvue cards equally.

Another customer testified that, compared to other dash cameras, the Blackbox is perfectly suitable for providing all of the bare bones requirements at a highly affordable value. The customer reported that the quality of the sound was perfectly clear, though they did also advise other prospective owners to be wary of possible background noise from the radio that could possible drown audio out.

Aside from having to occasionally turn off their radio in order to get the best quality of audio, the customer reported that the camera was pleasingly easy to use and had practically paid for itself in the six months that they had owned it. The customer suggested that any prospective owners who need a dash cam, but can’t pay top dollar for the absolute best on the market, should be perfectly accommodated by the safety it provides.

Certification, measurements and pricing

The quality of the product has earned it several notes of certification, including the following: KCC, FCC, CE, RoHS, and WEEE.

The measurements of the product are 7 x 4.4. x 3.4”, and it weighs about 13.3 ounces. The Blackbox can be purchased for the price of $139.99.

Top 6 Drones Of 2016

The FAA recently revealed that there are now more licensed UAV operators in the U.S. than airplane pilots. With a steady clarification of our own drone regulations, Canada is poised to expand its own private fleet of hovering eyes in the sky.

Of course, Canadian drones will have a bit more room to take in their epic, sky-high flights. If you’re keen to find the best drones in Canada you can this year, this list will get you started. The market’s big enough now that these haven’t been placed in order of quality, they simply represent some of the best available in a diverse fleet of options. Let’s get started!

DJI Inspire 1 Pro

1. DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Price: $6,959 CAD

One of the most professional of the prosumer drones for sale, the Inspire 1 delivers a truly absurd amount of value for its not-insignificant price. With a chassis that raises its landing gear to provide its 3-axis 4K camera rig with an unobstructed 360-degree view, a 1.2 mile range, and full 720p remote monitoring, it’s hard to overstate the steep jump into the future the steep price carries.


DJI Phantom 3
2. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Price: $729.00 CAD

While by no means a “cheap” option, the Phantom 3 truly establishes the platform as the iPhone/Xbox of the current drone market. Reliable, stable, with “only” 2.7K video, the flexibility of this UAV and DJI’s accessories mean that it’s a short jump to a configuration that best delivers what you need, and only what you need.



Yuneec Typhoon Q500
3. Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

Price: $1599.00 CAD

If you’re looking for a drone that delivers a vision of the future right outside of the box, it’s hard to argue with the Yuneec Typhoon and its “Follow Me” and “Watch Me” features, you can finally get the helpful hovering camera buddy you’ve always wanted. And hey, is it really an annoying “selfie” if you got your robo-buddy to take the picture?


DJI Matrice 100

4. DJI Matrice 100 

Price: $4784.00 CAD

If you’re coming from an educational or hobbyist background, it’s hard to find a more reliable open platform than the Matrice. Again relying on DJI’s status in the industry, this UAV packs universal power and connection ports, two expansion bays, and the DJI SDK for customized development of whatever hovering wonder you can dream up.


Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone

5. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone 

Price: $520.78 CAD

Although you can grab this drone with an official “sky controller” for a few hundred bucks more, you can get started with the Bebop on its own with a downloadable app for your phone or tablet. While lacking in some of the response of a proper controller, it’s an economical way to get started. Parrot has built so much stability and reliability into this drone, any lowered response is easily compensated for.



Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone
6. Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone 

Price: $177.26 CAD

Look, you don’t need to break the bank to find a reliable starter drone. With the pace of upgrades, you can find something like Holy Stone’s offering quickly and (relatively) cheaply. An included remote with an attachment for your phone, basic HD, and a few nifty built-in maneuvers to engage, the X400C represents an affordable tour through the expensive future.


10 Cool Things You Can Do With A Drone

mini drones

Drones and UAVs (unmanned air vehicle) are becoming more popular and affordable. The average person has access to technology that was only available to the military a few, short years ago. There are many models of drones for sale today.

There are several uses for drones you may not have considered:

1. Monitor wildlife.

This has many practical applications, from the tracking of animal migration to a rancher keeping tabs on his herd. Drones can also reach traditionally inaccessible areas to observe rare animals.

2. Deliver an item to or from a friend

Have you ever needed an egg to bake a cake or a can of soda to enjoy the ball game? Driving to the store for a single item is a hassle. Send your drone across town to a friend instead.

3. Disaster relief

A drone can survey the area or deliver food, water, medicine, or a communication device.

4. Inspect your roof and gutters

Who wants to climb a ladder? Hail damage, bird nests, and other debris can be viewed from the safety of safety of the ground. Ladders can be dangerous.

5. Take a virtual tour

Imagine sitting at home and controlling a drone in Egypt as you navigate your way around the Sphinx and the pyramids. It’s possible to visit an new area without the time and expense of a physical visit.

6. Deliver food.

Domino’s Pizza has been developing drone technology since 2013. They are able to deliver pizzas up to four miles away. The possibilities are endless.

7. Transport people

A German firm has developed a drone with 16 propellers, named the VC200, capable of transporting two people. The flight-time is currently limited to 20 minutes. It might be the first version of a flying car.

8. Aerial photography

This has many applications. Real estate agents can quickly and economically take pictures of property. Wedding photographers will have a new tool at their disposal. It’s even possible to take the world’s best selfie or record your family reunion from a unique perspective. You can have the most interesting photos on Facebook. The social media implications are significant.

9. Inspect oil and gas pipelines

British Petroleum has received approval to monitor its network of pipelines in Alaska. Fitted with infrared cameras, the drones are able to spot leaks and minimize the environmental impact.

10. Monitor crops

There’s no reason to hop in the pickup truck and drive for 30 minutes. Send the drone out to take a look instead. It could even take a soil sample and bring it back to the farmer.

Drone technology will change the world. The business impact will be considerable as the use and acceptance of drones increases.

How would you use a personal drone?

The Growing Popularity Of Drones: Do We Need Laws For Them?

Attack of the drones

The mention of a drone scares a good number of people today. Some think of the massive military unmanned aircraft used to launch missiles. Others envision a world where there is always a drone watching every time you turn around. The truth is much different. Here are some arguments about whether drones should be so easily accessible and whether laws are needed to regulate them.

Privacy and Crime

Privacy and Crime

A large concern for many people is that a drone can potentially be used to invade privacy and commit crimes. This is a widespread fear although drones have never been used in that way to date. The fear is that someone could get a small drone and secretly record people in a house or stalk someone. A drone could potentially be weaponized and used to commit violent crimes or robberies. These are arguments for strict drone laws.

Technical Problems

Drones are machines and are vulnerable to technical problems. A moderately sized unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, could do significant damage or cause injuries if it suddenly fell out of the sky and plowed into a crowd. Technical problems include the operator losing control, the drone flying out of range or onboard electronics malfunctioning. There is now also the threat that hackers could take control of a drone.

Interference with Aircraft and Law Enforcement

A final concern for those who want strict laws is that a UAV could interfere with other aircraft or law enforcement. These incidents are already occurring around the world. A civilian drone could actually lead to a midair accident if there are hundreds of them in random spots at all times of the day.

Individual Freedoms and Innovation

Arguments against harsh drone laws usually point towards innovation and individual freedoms. People should be able to buy the drones for sale today without problems or restrictions. Similarly, putting crippling restrictions on the purchase and use of a drone can stifle technological innovation. These are valid arguments considering the range of dangerous technologies that people already have access to today.

Societal Benefits

Another argument against crushing laws is that a UAV has societal benefits. A drone is environmentally friendly. It could potentially eliminate the need for many small delivery cars on the streets. A drone could help first responders or bring medications to elderly people with mobility problems. It can lower the cost of doing business. These potential benefits will be lost if drones are banned from the public sector.

Drone Laws
Creating Drone Laws

There is little doubt that some laws regarding drones are needed. They need to be kept out of reserved airspace and away from law enforcement. Using them to commit crimes or invade privacy must be addressed. The legal liability issues if a drone does cause harm need to be worked out. The problem is that the laws cannot be too draconian. Citizens should be allowed to own a drone. A better approach might be to regulate manufacturing to ensure a civilian drone cannot be weaponized or used in crimes.