10 Cool Things You Can Do With A Drone

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Drones and UAVs (unmanned air vehicle) are becoming more popular and affordable. The average person has access to technology that was only available to the military a few, short years ago. There are many models of drones for sale today.

There are several uses for drones you may not have considered:

1. Monitor wildlife.

This has many practical applications, from the tracking of animal migration to a rancher keeping tabs on his herd. Drones can also reach traditionally inaccessible areas to observe rare animals.


2. Deliver an item to or from a friend

Have you ever needed an egg to bake a cake or a can of soda to enjoy the ball game? Driving to the store for a single item is a hassle. Send your drone across town to a friend instead.

3. Disaster relief

A drone can survey the area or deliver food, water, medicine, or a communication device.


4. Inspect your roof and gutters

Who wants to climb a ladder? Hail damage, bird nests, and other debris can be viewed from the safety of safety of the ground. Ladders can be dangerous.

5. Take a virtual tour

Imagine sitting at home and controlling a drone in Egypt as you navigate your way around the Sphinx and the pyramids. It’s possible to visit an new area without the time and expense of a physical visit.

6. Deliver food.

Domino’s Pizza has been developing drone technology since 2013. They are able to deliver pizzas up to four miles away. The possibilities are endless.

7. Transport people

A German firm has developed a drone with 16 propellers, named the VC200, capable of transporting two people. The flight-time is currently limited to 20 minutes. It might be the first version of a flying car.

8. Aerial photography

This has many applications. Real estate agents can quickly and economically take pictures of property. Wedding photographers will have a new tool at their disposal. It’s even possible to take the world’s best selfie or record your family reunion from a unique perspective. You can have the most interesting photos on Facebook. The social media implications are significant.

9. Inspect oil and gas pipelines

British Petroleum has received approval to monitor its network of pipelines in Alaska. Fitted with infrared cameras, the drones are able to spot leaks and minimize the environmental impact.

10. Monitor crops

There’s no reason to hop in the pickup truck and drive for 30 minutes. Send the drone out to take a look instead. It could even take a soil sample and bring it back to the farmer.

Drone technology will change the world. The business impact will be considerable as the use and acceptance of drones increases.

How would you use a personal drone?

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